If you're reading this, you're probably lost. Put the phone down/keyboard away and go make yourself a cup of tea instead.

My name is Ivan Salcedo. You may know me. You may not. If you're a recruitment agent - indeed agent of any kind - you'll probably want to visit one of the places in the 'elsewhere' section.

I have made some interesting mistakes in my life, and a significantly higher number of mundane ones. If you're very unlucky, I'll tell you about some of them. You'll have to make your own mind up which category they fall into.


I was about to attempt to type out how to pronounce my surname, but even I can't explain it properly in English. I'm originally Spanish, so the middle 'ce' should be pronounced 'thE' with a short 'e'. But I've been answering to Sal-say-doh for so long now that it barely registers. Likewise, it is I-van, with a short 'i' and a hard 'ban'. But I've been Eye-van for most of my life. And a lot worse, including Mr Salad. But I digress.

I'm getting on a bit. And not quite getting on with it. I had dreams. Big ones. I could have been a contender. Do you know, I've never actually seen that film? Is it Champ? But now I have smaller sized dreams. But possibly organic. Definitely misshapen, and terribly free range.

And that's it really. I've had this website up for many years, and for the overwhelming majority of them it has been inaccurate as to my current standing in society, what I think or do and what I want from life. So I thought I'd update it, and if I can remember / be bothered, I'll update the photograph too. Very late in life I've discovered that the thing I always cared about more than anything else - books - are actually all I really care about now, so I try to devote as much energy and resources as I can into learning how to make them, with the cunning premise that I might write extract the contents for some of them from my brain where they do little good but alarm all the nice polite thoughts I have about enterprise architecture and running.

On Writing

Time, tenacity, talent. I've always had at least two of those three. I'm hoping that before my next 'significant' birthday, I can do something about aligning them into, ooh, 90,000 words in roughly the right order? I'm hoping that if I write this here - despite the only people being here being dreadfully lost (and even more so if they've actually read to this point) that it might somehow make it more likely to happen. We shall see.

Word of the month - ferrule.

Get in touch

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