Marketing and creative consultancy

I can help you build your brand, reach new customers and grow your business - in print and online.

Whether you need help with a brochure, an email campaign, want a fresh look at your website or you are thinking of doing a corporate video, I can help.

I have 15 years + experience in marketing and corporate communications, and I have produced everything from business cards through to 70,000+ page websites, blogs to annual reports.


Printed communications

The right words in the right order. Sounds deceptively simple, doesn't it? But it isn't. Marketing is about bringing people (customers) closer to your ideas - your products and services. It's about engaging with people - and making them care about what you're offering them. You want to generate sales, not have the best-looking brochure in your customer's recycling bin.


And if you need help with design, I work with a number of talented people who are magicians with colour and typography.

Online communications

I've been building and running commercial websites and email campaigns since 1996. The techniques, and to some extent the possibilities, change, but the aims remain the same. Marketing online is about building relationships with people - finding them, getting to know them, nudging them to become customers, keeping them in the 'family' and persuading them to become ambassadors for your brand or product. Online, your best sales team are your happy customers.

Of course, brands are encouraged to have 'conversations' online now - through blogs, social networks and similar tools. But knowing when and how these tools will be effective - and when they won't - is key to getting this right. I've run social media campaigns in a variety of contexts, and my mixed experiences can help you learn how to 'listen' and how (and when) to join in.



I'm passionate about words and telling stories - whether fact or fiction. Engaging people, the what, when, how and where mean little without the 'why'. I care about what I do, and I care about making the things I do matter. This means persuading people through language, judging tone and content, and most of all, connecting with people.

A good writer leaves the reader satisfied, but wanting more.


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